Why elite staff set can set a restaurant apart

Why elite staff set can set a restaurant apart

Why elite staff set can set a restaurant apart

Truly great restaurants invite an emotional response from their guests, capturing the feel of what makes the hospitality sector more than just nice food and drink. Delicious food is essential, of course, but only as much as the other factors that bring about the unmatched experiences found in fine dining. 

Ultimately, a restaurant is defined by its staff. And it requires everyone to work in one harmonious team. The skilled chef who makes the flavourful food should be in step with the attentive wait staff, who should be in step with the expert sommelier. What matters most is going that extra mile to create unique culinary journeys for all guests from the minute they arrive. 

Daring chefs

To create a dish that stuns diners, it must be new and exciting. We all have certain dishes we adore, but by definition, being able to adventure with innovative food creates a dining experience unlike any other. 

The most highly acclaimed restaurants inspire creativity in their chefs, allowing them to constantly develop fresh, unique menus. Finding the balance between precise, perfect dishes and inventive dishes is a difficult challenge, but it’s one the right chef can handle, and it may bring about substantial business and accolades.

Attentive wait staff

For most of last year, we were foreigners to the experience of restaurant dining. Sampan chef Michael Schulson believed that much of this experience was “forgotten or taken for granted” pre-pandemic, and that “with more people cooking at home… it will be a nice reminder”.

High-quality service has come a long way from polishing silverware and stiff formalities. These days, it’s about adapting the service to each diner’s needs. By hiring wait staff who can interact with diners in a way that makes them feel utterly indulged, it ensures we won’t take the experience for granted ever again.

Personable sommeliers 

Fantastic food and service are essential in creating an unforgettable evening, and a sommelier can take it even further. A talented sommelier opens doors to the curiosity of the guests and brings about culinary encounters adapted to their specific tastes. By helping the diner get to where they want to be, it creates a level of service that is only found in the world of fine dining.

When people return to their favourite hotels and restaurants, you want to ensure they have the best service possible. After what seems like an eternity, it will be nice for them to have an escape where they can just be pampered. The question is, are you ready to deliver that to them?

A restaurant without its staff is a yacht without its crew. To secure yourself as an exceptionally good restaurant, you must hire exceptionally good staff. The talent pool of candidates, especially at the moment, is huge, but to find the elite level of staff you need to know where to look. 

Finding the perfect candidate can be challenging. At Mase & Wills, our directors have done their time in the hospitality industry, and we bring an insider’s perspective to the recruitment process, drawing on our elite pool of international candidates. For more information, call us today on +44 (0)161 818 8822

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