You only want the very best for your children. The best opportunities, experiences, and chances to succeed and thrive. We can source some of the top tutors in the field to come in and help your children excel.

Anyone working so closely with your household and children needs to be a delicate, carefully selected relationship. Someone who is trusted, warm, and engaging for your children – someone who will inspire. This is why we take our time to understand your family dynamic and its unique requirements before we even begin our search. We only want to recommend candidates who we think will be a perfect match for you.

Every step of the way, we invite you to have your say in the hiring process or, alternatively, we can run all our searches and checks in the background, maximising efficiency by only bringing you in at the shortlist stage. The range of tutors we can find cover everything from education and instruments to sports and second languages. We are flexible with our clients because we understand just how essential finding the perfect pairing is.

Did you know we present all candidates in video format answering your questions. Learn more about our candidate videos and our process.
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    The extra mile

    For us, nothing is too much trouble. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, becoming of one mind with our clients to make the hiring process as smooth and informative as we possibly can. We hold ourselves and our candidates to the highest of standards, only delivering those we believe will meet your highest expectations.

    As is to be expected in the industries we operate in, we focus heavily on privacy, discretion, trust, and security, with a whole host of systems in place for extensively vetting all candidates.

    Above all else, we are passionate about people. Across all divisions and roles, we take a people-first approach, dedicated to matching our clients with household or hospitality staff to best suit their needs and environment.

    Get in touch

    If you have any questions about our divisions or the roles we recruit for, or are interested in working together, please get in touch with us today. Even though we have our specialities, we are also open to exploring other ways we can be of assistance. Please feel free to reach out with your unique requirements and we would love to see how we could best serve you.

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    e: info@maseandwills.co.uk

    If you have any questions about our divisions or the roles we recruit for please get in touch with us today.
    Our far reaching specialist teams place candidates around the globe. Wherever you have a requirement we can assist and look forward to hearing from you.
    We are a dynamic, forward thinking team of professionals who are open to new opportunities. If you would like to discuss working with us please reach out to our commercial team.