The top 3 qualities to look for in your yacht crew

The top 3 qualities to look for in your yacht crew

The top 3 qualities to look for in your yacht crew

The superyacht industry is growing and with the market correlating directly with the global number of billionaires, it is expected the growth will continue. As the industry expands, so will the talent pool working within it. While this means there will be more candidates per vacancy, it doesn’t mean the recruitment process will be any easier. In fact, it may mean it is more difficult.

Every candidate will excel at what they do. This line of work necessitates high standards, and everyone working on a vessel is doubtlessly overqualified. Consequently, the recruitment process for a vacant position on a superyacht must be thorough, as it requires more than recognising the most experienced, or most gifted, candidate. 

Most, if not all, of the applicant’s CVs will go above and beyond the stated requirements. It is about finding the candidate with the right personality, the most suitable character, and the requisite ego. Otherwise, it simply won’t work. Here are the common challenges staff will face and what kind of person will excel in that position.

It can be a taxing line of work

Working in this environment requires a certain approach. It will have its challenging moments, and while it presents the opportunity to travel the world and get paid well, the crew is expected to be available 24 hours a day.

There may be some extreme requests, and being constantly at someone’s beck and call can be exhausting. Despite how well qualified they are in kindred industries, it takes a certain type of person to succeed at sea. 

They need to be resilient, with the fortitude to still thrive in their role. In short, it requires dedication. When looking for people to fill this kind of role, look for those used to high-demand environments, with experience in working unusual hours. These people will have the hardiness to handle their many responsibilities and provide the best service to even the most demanding individuals.

Personalities can clash

Apropos of their title, superyachts are massive – they are floating behemoths of luxury and comfort – but when a closed group of people are working on one for months at a time, a vessel may not seem so mammoth. 

In such a high-pressure environment, tensions can rise and egos may clash, causing issues between themselves and the client. Obviously, this needs to be avoided as much as possible, and the best approach is finding a candidate that has the right attitude for the job. 

You need a mix of someone driven to deliver great work while being the sort of person who can stay centered and relaxed. While everyone has their breaking point, you need people who know their own limits and can remove themselves from difficult situations. It requires a certain amount of self-reflection, and the interview stage is where you can ask the right questions to drill down into their personality. In-depth questioning and personality tests can uncover the traits that work well in this role, and those that don’t.

Avoiding employee turnover

The above factors can play a factor in someone’s eventual firing or resignation. While this is a facet of life we can’t always avoid, you do want to stay away from unnecessary staff loss. Finding staff partway through a transoceanic venture can be a logistical nightmare, and that is without mentioning how costly it can be (£5-20k depending on their level).

This is why the above qualities are so important. If you can find the right people from the start, you have to worry less about employee retention. That will take care of itself.

There are a number of skills required for a role in the crew of a superyacht, but if they are not the right fit, these skills are moot. Ensuring that a vessel’s crew works well, understands their responsibilities, and isn’t afraid to put in the work is crucial, and it is what makes the recruitment process so critical. 

Finding the perfect candidate can be challenging. At Mase & Wills, our directors have vast experience in the superyacht industry, and we bring an insider’s perspective to the recruitment process to find the best fit. For more information, call us today on +44 (0)161 818 8822

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