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Heading here for Household Chef

Family life can be hectic. With conflicting schedules, having to keep up with all the kid’s commitments, and trying to balance ease with nutrition, it is no wonder it often feels like an endless struggle. That is why finding the perfect household chef for your family is so important.

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    The extra mile

    For us, nothing is too much trouble. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, becoming of one mind with our clients to make the hiring process as smooth and informative as we possibly can. We hold ourselves and our candidates to the highest of standards, only delivering those we believe will meet your highest expectations.

    As is to be expected in the industries we operate in, we focus heavily on privacy, discretion, trust, and security, with a whole host of systems in place for extensively vetting all candidates.

    Above all else, we are passionate about people. Across all divisions and roles, we take a people-first approach, dedicated to matching our clients with household or hospitality staff to best suit their needs and environment.

    Hotels of the world

    The right chef should be a seamless extension of your family, balancing professionalism with a warm atmosphere and delicious, nutritious meals. At Mase & Wills, we draw on our extensive experience and widespread network to find the perfect fit for all your family’s unique needs, whether you want full- or part-time staff.

    Working in such close proximity to your family and loved ones, we understand the importance of finding safe and secure hires that are fully vetted with all the necessary checks and references. You can rest assured that any candidates we send your way will not only be at the top of their industry, but also thoroughly vetted and a compatible personality, work ethic, and temperament for your household.

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