At Mase & Wills, we provide an elite recruitment service that combines the very best of new technology, innovation, and classic recruitment methods.

To create a recruitment process that is effective, efficient, and valuable for the modern age, we believe it is time to move past CVs and paperwork. You simply cannot get to know a candidate through these one-dimensional formats alone.

That is why we incorporate high-end video technology into our entire recruitment process, enabling ourselves and our clients to see the full picture and potential of every candidate. We want to make hiring decisions that consider all aspects of applicants; from skill set and relevant experience to personality and compatibility with our clients’ homes or businesses.

Above all else, we have built a streamlined, efficient process that prioritises client needs, safety, security, privacy, and promises to make the perfect pairing every time.

Live Interviews

It is hard to understand a candidate’s true personality and attitude through traditional recruitment means. That is why we conduct live face-to-face interviews using our powerful digital platform. Capable of carrying out global, multi-site interviews, this technology keeps recruitment simple and seamless for all parties.

Whether you want to carry out these interviews yourself or have Mase & Wills do so on your behalf, live interviews reduce any wasted time and expenses spent on unsuccessful in-person interviews, especially when this involves an international trip.

It has never been easier to recruit internationally on a global scale.

Solo video interviews

We understand the importance of finding candidates who slot perfectly into your existing team, business, or family home. With this in mind, we put you in control of the hiring process by asking candidates to record video interviews answering predefined, relevant questions.

Candidates can record their interviews at a time that suits them, allowing you to get a better feel, not only for a candidate’s skill level and experience, but also their personality, compatibility with your family dynamic, or work ethic. It aligns the entire recruitment process with your unique needs and requirements.

Video shortlists

Drawing on our extensive industry and recruitment experience, Mase & Wills puts together candidate shortlists for whichever role you are looking to fill.

These shortlists will contain a three-dimensional look at every candidate, including recordings of any first-round interviews, custom video interviews, paperwork (CV, cover letter, portfolio), and all security checks and references.

We give you the full picture of each and every candidate to ensure you can make the most informed decisions regarding your future staff. Everything is extremely organised, making it simple to navigate and find the most suitable candidate.

A seamless process from start to finish

What sets Mase & Wills apart is the streamlined, efficient process we offer from beginning to end of the hiring process.

Any candidate profiles we send your way can easily be shared amongst your family, staff, or business to encourage a more informed, unanimous decision regarding every candidate. Our platform also makes it easy to share any feedback with your Mase & Wills consultant, enabling us to offer support, advice, and guidance throughout the entire process.

It has never been easier to recruit internationally on a global scale.

Additional Features

GDPR compliant

Our recruitment process collects consent from each individual party before any recording takes place and ensures all GDPR guidelines are maintained while sharing candidate information. Across all areas of our system, Mase & Wills is fully compliant.


Our platform is compatible with a range of platforms and devices, meaning candidates and clients alike can flexibly record and watch any interviews. We look to make the hiring process as simple and straightforward for you as possible.

Full support service

Our expert team is always on hand to provide support and guidance to both candidates and clients – whether that is regarding hiring decisions or the use of our platform. We seek to resolve all technical problems in a matter of minutes to guarantee your experience always runs smoothly.

Secure networks

Every piece of data collected will be stored behind cutting-edge encryption technology. There is also the option to password protect or lock virtual interview rooms to ensure a secure and private space for high-profile or sensitive interviews.